Bakery grade

When fully mechanically processed, sunflower kernels preserve all of the natural ingredients, originating from oily type of sunflower seeds. They are one of the most cost-efficient additives and the best mediator to the taste of baked goods. Add a firm texture and an appetizing look to your bakery goods with sunflower kernels! Sunflower kernels are a source of vitamins, fiber, proteins and, of course, of unsaturated oils.

Ready to use, without any additional preparation, no need of additional cleaning or chopping, bakers can directly add them to their product. The kernels are available in different packagings to suit the needs of both industrial and handcraft bakeries, as well as traders. The type of packages we use ensures a long shelf-life without compromising look and taste, but preserving the nutty and fresh aroma.

Sunflower kernels

Tastefresh, typical, nutty, not rancid, without off-tastes
Aromastable, fresh, natural, typical, healthy, without outside aromas
Infestationsfree of living infestations and/or dead infestations and parts thereof
Colorlight grey, uniform in color.
Brown kernelsabsent
Yellow kernels01.00% maximum
Moisture07.50% maximum
Purity99.95% minimum
Broken kernels - smaller than 1/2 of whole05.00% maximum
Damaged kernels02.00% maximum
Plant based impurities (grains, corns & etc.)00.05% maximum
Other impuritiesnone; free from glass, stone, rubber, plastic & etc.
Unshelled kernels
shells remain under 25%00.10% maximum
shells remain over 50%00.30% maximum
shells remain between 25% and 50%00.10% maximum

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