Wildbird grade

Sunflower kernels small chips are product oriented to industrial producers of wild and pet bird food. It is applicable as cost-efficient additive, but also as topping as well. Produced from oily type of sunflower seeds – it is important source of proteins and fats for birds. Fine texture, cleaned from dust, product can used directly according to customer needs. Product is focused mainly to B2B customers.

Sunflower kernels small chips

Product100% pure sunflower kernels
Colourgray-white to light gray
Broken Kernels10% at most, 6% of which larger than 1/2 kernel
Moisture4% to 10%
External Impuritynone
Tastenatural, typical, fresh, non-bitter and non-rancid, whithout outside aromas
Aromastable, fresh, natural, typical, healthy, without outside aromas
Consistencesolid, crisp, non-cracked
Insect Damagemax. 2%
Seed Shell Piecesmax. 8 per kg.
Pesticidesin accordance with EU and Bulgarian legislation
Microbiological Indicatorsin accordance with EU sale standards
PackagesPaper bag( 20 kg - 25 kg); Big bag (800 kg - 1000 kg)

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