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Sadina – the reputable company

Welcome to the website of your reliable supplier of sunflower kernels and by-products.
We don’t want to bother you how big we are, that we are first, second... , or sixty-fifth largest producer of that and those, here and there.
If you’re engaged in kernels industry – you’d probably know who we are, else just ask around for referrals.
Personal contacts are the cornerstone of our company’s philosophy. From the biggest industrial bakeries till the small boutique handcraft bread maker – all of them know that they can rely on us.

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For Bakery

Are you looking for a sunflower kernels supplier?
Seek no more, you’re on the right place. Check our products, selected to satisfy all demands of the modern bakery industry.

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For Wild Birds

We don’t compromise with the quality of our bird food products. Here you can find our complete line of bird food goods.

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Sadina 99 Ltd.
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Plovdiv 4000

VAT ID# BG040809383


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