Our factories are located in the middle of the biggest sunflower growing area in South Bulgaria. This allows us easy access to the farmers around. We source sunflower seeds direct from producers, ensuring top quality, carefully pre-selected and well priced raw materials. This allows us to offer competitive prices to our customers.

The logistic department keeps close relations with customers. Being strategically located near the ports, we can deliver both by sea and land transport. More than 95% of our sales are delivered directly into customer’s facilities.

In Sadina, we rely on personal contacts. All of our customers are valuable. Long-term business is a key factor for development of mutual profit, allowing our customers to be competitive. 

We continuously invest into increased processing capacity, adopting the latest available technologies. Our goods are always freshly produced and we ship to our customers not later than 4 days after production date.

Quality and service - that is the motto of Sadina.
We strongly 
believe that the quality we provide is a major factor which allows our customers to add value to their products.

Evidence is the fact that the company meets the requierements of IFS Food v.6 and BRC Food v.7

Sadina 99 Ltd.
ul. Otets Paisiy 33
Plovdiv 4000

TEL    +359 32 643 941

FAX    +359 32 642 741


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